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About care dental p.a.

Care dental P.A. is family-owned and operated right here in Clear Lake city, League city, Dickinson TX.   Since our practice opened its doors in 2001, we’ve treated every patient like they were a part of our family. We try our best to provide gentle dentistry for everyone.
1. For how long should you brush your teeth twice a day?
    (A) One Minute   (B) Two Minutes   (C) 90 seconds   (D) 30 Seconds

2. Eating a Healthy diet is important for both oral health and overall health.
    (T) True             (F) False

3. When should children start brushing their teeth (with adult help)?
    (A) At age 2   (B) At age 1   (C) When they first start getting teeth   (D) Before starting School

4. Older adults have the same oral health concerns as younger adults.
    (T) True             (F) False

5. How often should you visit the dentist and dental hygienist?
    (A) Once a year   (B) Twice a year   (C) Once every two years  
    (D) Only when you have a dental issue

6. Dental Coverage is included in Medicare.
   (T) True              (F) False

7. How often should you replace your toothbrush?
   (A) Every 3-4 months   (B) Every Month   (C) Every 5-6 months  
   (D) When worn or after being sick   (E) A and D

8. Smokeless Tobacco is safer than Cigarettes.
   (A) Both are bad for your oral health   (B) Smokeless tobacco is safer   
   (C) Cigarettes are safer